Sonigram logo

1. Introduction

Sonigram is a mobile social media experience for consuming, creating and sharing sound with visuals.

Sonigram uses the latest in HTML5 Web Audio capabilities to bring the power of sound to social media.

2. Consume Sonigrams

Sonigrams can be experienced as a Single Sonigram or as a Sonigram Feed.

A Single Sonigram presents one image with one sound.

Feeds are a scrollable collection of individual Sonigrams.

3. Create Sonigrams

Anyone can easily create and share Sonigrams.

With just 3 steps:

Upload your own image or select from a curated archive, then just add a sound and share.

4. Sonigram Value Proposition for Brands

Sonigram is a new sound enabled format for brand communication.

The experience encourages users to engage with, create and share branded content across all social media user feeds.

Sound consumption data is collected for brands to better understand and shape target user behaviour.

5. Target Platforms, Formats and Users

Sonigram is a standard web page and can be presented anywhere that supports HTML5.

Sonigrams in Social Media Feeds:
Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Sonigrams via Instant Messaging:
Messenger, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Slack.